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With over 25,000 users, JobDiva currently services a major portion of the staffing and recruitment industry. No matter an organizations size, JobDiva drives staffing success.

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JobDiva is the leading global Applicant Tracking System and front-to-back Talent Management solution, serving over 25,000 global staffing professionals who support Fortune 500.
JobDiva combines a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, synchronization with all major job boards and VMS providers, BI analytics, automated 24/7 resume harvesting, a Mobile App and the largest resume database in the world. JobDiva is designed for recruitment agencies and HR departments of any size.

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JobDiva Latest Reviews

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JobDiva is functional but has some hiccups that need to be tweaked.

3 / 5
Ease of Use
2 / 5
Features & Functionality
3 / 5
Customer Support
Value for Money

Pros: 1. Ability to cancel a termination. Very easy to reactivate someone who was on assignment and goes back for whatever reason.
2. Candidate hotlists.

Cons: 1. Unable to edit a note once it has been saved. You can only delete it and start over again. Would be very nice if there was an edit function.
2. Overtime Bill Rate - when you enter the OT Bill Rate, then do the DT Bill Rate and enter the other information, when you go back up the OT Bill Rate reverts back to the regular Bill rate. You have to type it in again before you hit approve then save. Very frustrating.
3. The Applications page you can rearrange icons to change the order of the icons but you cannot move the icons that you do not normally use to another section lower on the page. Create some separation. All the icons lumped together is too much when you really may only use a few on a regular basis.
4. If two candidates use the same email address (ie husband and wife), job diva automatically merges the two accounts which creates a mess. There is no easy way to "unmerge" them. It would be more ideal if JobDiva looked at social security numbers to see if it is a duplicate account.
5. When an existing candidate uploads a new resume to their profile, sometimes the new resume does not include their home address information and then it wipes out the street address that was in the customer information section.
6. A note automatically populates in candidates notes when a qualification is added which creates a whole bunch of unnecessary notes on the profile. I think this could be changed so it did not populate automatically.
7. You cannot be logged into JobDiva on two separate computers. Sometimes I have to go back and forth between the front desk and my office. If I log into the other place, I get kicked out of the other one. very frustrating.

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funny name... better than adequate combo ATS/CRM

4 / 5
Ease of Use
4 / 5
Features & Functionality
Value for Money

Comments: "Diva" as we refer to it is a good solution, but there is room for improvement. Reporting is clunky and probably has too many options, both in terms of available Reports and redundant filters/options within each Report. Integration is excellent in some ways (see aforementioned Pros), though lacking in terms of more seamless major tool integration a la Outlook as well as lacking in the ability to access very basic data fields using other valuable Third Party tools.
When I think of a best in class solution, I think Sendouts. Now I realize it's been sunset (and perhaps like Tupac & Biggie the legend of those passed can grow greater than their actual performance ); however, in its heyday Sendouts was a function-over-form tool with keep-it-simple-stupid usability and phenomenal customization abilities. JobDiva, IMHO certainly stands above solutions like Bullhorn and Oracle:Taleo who are focused more on earnings than Client Satisfaction, but there are other tools like iCIMS who seem to understand their most valuable asset is a happy customer.
In Summary, "Diva": good tool, funny name, room to improve.

Pros: Great Job Board Integration.
Very good Vendor Management System Integration, though the coddler object could use some tweaking because each time one is created it needs to be reset far too often.

Cons: While we've found some APIs, those are minimal... there would be little harm in opening up many more data-fields by extending more APIs.
Very minimal UI customization available.
"Search almost anything" field is awful - not an intuitive search field.
The Home page reminds me WAY too much of Windows 3.1